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Fort Wayne BMW Repair | Ed's Car Care Center

A BMW is like no other car and you shouldn’t let just anyone do your BMW repair work. These cars are known for their performance and luxury standards. Their engines and suspension systems are as complicated as the electrical and computer components. You need an Ed's Car Care Center BMW experienced technician to make sure your BMW repair is done right and with the right parts.

Whether you own an i-series, xDrive, M-series or sDrive BMW, making sure the person who works on it is experienced is key to getting the right BMW repair work done. It is not just a matter of experience, but they also have to have access to the right parts. At Ed's, we order the highest quality, approved replacement parts, accessories and sensors to keep your BMW running at its expected performance level. If you are driving a diesel or hybrid technology BMW, we are experienced with the types of BMW repair procedures to take care of your investment properly.

Call Ed's Car Care Center and set up an appointment to bring in your BMW. If you need repair, we can get you in quickly. If you are running fine, then start your relationship with us by accessing one of our offers on scheduled maintenance and service. The better we know your BMW, the faster the BMW repair will happen when it’s needed. Our record keeping is stellar, so you will have all the documentation you need when it is time to trade in or sell your BMW to get the maximum return on your valuable investment.


The primary way your BMW communicates with you is via dashboard indicator lights or dashboard warning lights, so it is imperative to understand the meaning of these illuminated symbols. Some dashboard indicator lights may vary slightly in design between the certain BMW models. As these symbols illuminate, you will notice various colors, which indicate the priority level of the warning. The meaning and significance of the colors are listed below.

Red — Means a warning that requires immediate attention.

Orange and Yellow — Designates a warning that is not critical but requires attention as soon as possible.

Blue and Green — Indicates the BMW has features or technology that is currently active.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

BMW Headlight Warning Lights
BMW Headlight Warning Lights

1-) The front fog lamp is on.

2-) The rear fog lamp is on.

3-) Indicates that the signal is on. When you lower the signal arm, the left turn indicates the saga turn when you lift it up.

4-) It means that the long-distance headlights are turned on.

5-) It indicates that the short headlamps and stop lights are on.

6-) Indicates that any of the parking, brake, rear fog, signal, interior lighting or license plate lamps are faulty.

7-) The outer brake lamp indicates that the bulb is faulty.

8-)The symbol on the front panel of the vehicle means the malfunction of the headlight control system.

9-) This sign in the front panel is the adaptive light system warning light.

10-) This sign appears on the front panel when the short headlights are on

11-) Battery charge warning light. This warning lamp lights up when there is a dead battery, a battery fault, a charging dynamo (alternator) malfunction. It indicates that there is no charge of the battery. If the battery lamp is on while the engine is running, there is a problem.

12-) Indicator light resembling the sun. Indicates a faulty exterior lamp.

13-) O/D OFF warning light. Overdrive means that the drive system is off. This symbol indicates that the vehicle’s overdrive system is turned off manually. The overdrive system is controlled by an on / off switch.

14-) Indicates a lighting or other electrical problem controlled by the body control module. Check all the lights. This symbol may also indicate a traction control or a communication problem between the module

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

15-) If you see this warning lamp, press the brake pedal so that the engine starts.

16-) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Warning Light: The presence of this fault lamp in diesel vehicles means that the diesel particulate filter is filled with excess air.

17-) Catalytic Convertor Warning Light: This auto warning lamp means that the catalyst system is faulty.

18-) This motor warning light indicates that the water level in the fuel filter has increased.

19-) The engine air filter is dirty or old.

20-) Engine Temperature Warning Light: The engine coolant is overheated. Burning the fuel warning indicator means that the engine is overheated. You should stop the car immediately and wait for the engine to cool when the warning light flashes.

21-) Indicator light, which means the vehicle engine fuel filter is dirty or faulty.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

22-) If this indicator is light. it means that the fuel has decreased.

23-) Oil Pressure Warning Lamp: If this warning light is on your display panel, the engine oil pressure has dropped. It is recommended that you stop the car immediately, check the oil level from the dipstick, and add oil to the level until it reaches the proper level. The authorized service is advised.

24-) Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL): This warning indicator turns on and off when the car is started for the first time. If this warning light is on when your car is moving or if the car does not go out after it is working, then your car needs to be taken to the service. If you are blinking, you should be more careful.

25-) Decrease in engine power. If you see this icon on the front panel of your car, it means the computer that controls the engine has limited engine power output. This problem is usually diagnosed by a Eds Car Care Center's professionals.

26-) Change Engine Oil warning. Indicates that the engine oil life is full, and the oil change time has come.

27-) The gas cap control light indicates that the gas cap is not properly tightened. If not handled. the Check Engine Light will also be on.

28-) DPF Light (Diesel particulate filter warning symbol for diesel vehicles)

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

29-) DEF light means that the diesel exhaust fluid level is low

30-) This warning light appears when the brake pads are worn. It also lights if the brake pad is replaced and the brake lining sensor is not changed (only for vehicles with brake lining sensor)

31-) This warning light is only available on automatic transmission vehicles. Indicates that you must press the brake pedal to operate the automatic shift lever.

32-) Air suspension warning light.

33-) This warning light will appear if the suspension system fails.

34-) Transmission fault If there is a problem with the automatic transmission, this warning light is lit in yellow or red on the instrument panel. If the emergency warning lamp is illuminated when the emergency warning lamp ON, carefully drive the vehicle in the P, R, N, D (forward gears only 3rd and 5th gears) works. It is recommended that you drive your car at low speed and enter the nearest authorized service station.

35-) The gearbox is a warning symbol that means that it is operating at an improper temperature. Check the gearbox oil level and engine coolant level. Wait for 5 minutes to cool at idle while the vehicle is in gearshift N.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

36-) Icon indicating icy conditions outside.

37-) It is the light and rain sensor which calculates the reflection and reflection of the light during rain and informs the control unit.

38-) If the defrost function of the windshield is active, this car will show the warning light.

39-) This warning light in your car appears when the defogger on the rear window is active.

40-) This warning lamp lights up when the rain sensor is active.

41-) If this warning light is on, it is an automatic glass wiper act.

42-) Warning lamp indicating heating bulbs. (For diesel vehicles) In diesel vehicles, this light indicates that the engine glow plugs have warmed up and that the engine should not be run until this light is turned off. If the heating boiler malfunctions, white smoke may emerge from the exhaust as long as the engine is operating at the proper temperature. This means that the heating bulbs must be replaced.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

44-) This vehicle warning symbol, Track distance warning sign.

45-) Warning that the speed limit has been exceeded (for vehicles with speed limit)

46-) Cruise control: Indicates that the drive control is set during driving.

47-) This warning symbol appears if you change the lane without giving a signal.

48-) Vehicle warning light telling that any one of the doors is open.

49-) A warning that a door (including the bonnet and luggage) is not closed. Open and close all doors including the baggage and baggage. If the car is left overnight in this case, it may drain the flow.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

50-) Warning lamp, which means that the seat belt is not attached.

51-) The tire pressure in your car is low or there is a problem in the system.

52-) The warning lamp means the key is not in the car. At the same time, the key also means that the chip is not identifiable (see CCNZ: Immobilizer malfunction).

53-) This light comes on when you have parked your vehicle and stopped it completely and then brought the gear to "Park". (in automatic vehicles), it is recommended that you take the gear to position N, pull the handbrake, then take it to position P to load the transmission.

54-) Parking assistance system signs with vehicle dashboard.

55-) Steering lock warning. If it is yellow, you should bring it to the service, but if it is red, you should not use it.

56-) Airbag and seat belt system defective.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

57-) ECO indicator showing you are driving economically.

58-) This warning on the instrument display panel normally illuminates when you take the hand brake. If the brake fluid is continuously visible, there may be a problem with the brake system. In this case, check the brake fluid. However, this can take you as far as the service. If the fluid is missing, your brake pads have completed their life cycle or there is a leak in the system.

59-) This warning symbol appears if the airbag system is off.

60-) ABS warning light. If ignition does not come on when the ignition switch is “ON” position, it means that it is defective if it does not go ON after burning, and if it is on when driving, you must use your vehicle carefully, drive at medium speed and avoid braking hardly.

61-) This warning light appears if the cruise control is on.

62-) If the engine hood is open, this vehicle warning light will appear on the panel

63-) Signs with vehicle dashboard which mean that the luggage compartment is open.

BMW Headlight Warning Lights

64-) If you see this symbol on the panel, there is a fault in the start system of the car.

65-) Symbol indicating that the car windscreen washer is running out and needs to be filled.

66-) Safety warning: If the symbol flashes momentarily, the ignition key is locked and requires a key equipped with the appropriate transponder to restart. If the symbol is visible when the vehicle is on, it typically indicates a fault in the safety system.

67-) Traction Control or ESP: Illuminates when the car is in traction control/anti-slip or electronic stability system in use. It is usually an indicator light that indicates the conditions are slippery.

68-) Warning indicating ESP malfunction: Indicates that there is a problem with the vehicle traction control/anti-skid or electronic stability system.

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