Steering You Right (Power Steering Fluid Service)

It’s important for safe driving that two of the most important systems in your vehicle work right.  One is the brakes.  The other is the steering.  Nearly all vehicles on the road have some sort of power steering that allows you to direct a very heavy machine with little effort. 

There are two types, hydraulic and electric.  Many newer vehicles have electric power steering that uses an electric motor to make your steering easier.  But there are many vehicles on the road that use a system that has been around for years.  It uses a power steering pump, a cylinder, several valves, and hydraulic fluid to make it easy for you to turn the wheel. 

If you have hydraulic power steering in your vehicle, it’s important to change your power steering fluid every once in a while.  Over time, the fluid gets contaminated with dirt and other particles.  You might notice your steering is loose, maybe harder to turn and makes a low, straining noise. The first step in determining hydraulic power steering problems is to have your fluid checked.  Its color and smell can give a technician clues to any problems. They will recommend changing it if it has signs of being old, such as the wrong color or smell. 

Because steering is such a vital safety feature in your vehicle, the best strategy is to maintain your power steering according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  That means periodically, the fluid should be changed.  That will prolong the life of the other steering systems components, such as hoses, seals, valves, and the power steering pump.  During this service, the technician will replace the fluid, bleed the system and check for leaks.  You’ll be back on the road knowing your vehicle is in top shape to steer you right.

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